Gaëtan Berger

Hello, I'am Gaëtan.

I make interactive universes

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Some Work

Discover my best universes made for screens and print

Cupcake Factory

#Schoolproject #UX/UIDesign

This is a school project to make the all visual aspect for a tea room for mobile, desktop and tablet. I learn to make a visual responsive and I have to encode an another project as in an agency.

Visit website
mockup macbook du projet
logo du projet Cupcake Factory

Carnival of Binche

#Contest #Print

Carnival of Binche is one of the biggest party in Belgium. Each year, there is a contest to make the official poster. I was on the podium and the poster was very appreciated by people of Binche.

See the poster
affiche du projet
panier de gille

IOLCE Project

#Schoolproject #UXdesign

This project consists to make a website about a conference given by the teachers. I had to work Anatomy of design decision by Jared Spool. He appreciated my work and tweeted my project.

See case study
mockup macbook du projet
logo du projet

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About me

Discover who is behind this passionate

photo de profil de Gaetan Berger

I am from Belgium and I am 20 years. I am a f*cking visual design passionate. My universe is the visual aspect of what surrounds us, especially on screens. I learn UX/UI Design at High School Albert Jacquard in Namur since 2 years.

I work to give experience to eyes users with some skills as Visual design work in Photoshop or Illustrator. I can encode to give some interactions on a screen. I want that the users will be in ecstasy when they use or see my work.